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AzDA Legislative Accomplishments

Building on the 2011 record of Legislative success, your Council on Government Affairs, AzDA Leadership, Executive staff and Lobbyist John MacDonald, moved forward with the support of our membership to again produce and pass an action packed "member oriented" Legislative package again this year.

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Mobile dentistry, dental tourism, insurance company intervention, government regulations and access to care - now more than ever before, dentists need to remain united. Why aren't you standing with us? 

AZ Dental Political Action Committee

The Arizona Dental Political Action Committee (AzDENPAC) supports the interests of AzDA members as AzDA’s lobbying team strives to make AzDA the authority on oral health issues in Arizona. AzDENPAC helps raise funds for campaign contributions and the various activities relating to the legislature for candidates that understand the importance of dentistry. While not affiliated with any political party, AzDENPAC raises dentistry and oral health awareness of officeholders and candidates for elective office.

Important Documents to Review

AzDA bylaws, component bylaws, peer review process; community dental clinics; ADA catalogs, talking points; BODEX links and resources; and legal and legislative issues.

If it's important to our members, you'll find the document, report or form here.