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  AzDA 2014 Legislative Agenda

Reinstatement of the ALTCS Dental Benefits

Our fellow citizens who are affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities “age out” of dental coverage when they reach 21.  In addition, residents of nursing homes suffer from the lack of dental coverage as well. Dental conditions severely affect their quality of life, nutrition and can lead to devastating health conditions. Both of these populations’ health needs are covered by the Arizona Long Term Care System (aka ALTCS).  AzDA is leading and partnering with a coalition of organizations representing these populations to get these benefits reinstated.  We may be joined by them during Dental Day to make our visits even more powerful.  If you have any parents or caregivers who could join us, that would be amazing!


Reinstatement of the AHCCCS Adult Emergency benefit

Data shows that ER visits and hospital admissions for oral pain and infection have skyrocketed in the last several years.  The CADS Mission of Mercy events over the last two years has shown a bright light of the needs of the working poor in Arizona and several Legislators who visited the event are interested in helping us with this issue. Reinstating the benefit will shift many of these patients to dental offices where they belong, and will reduce the cost shifting and treatment burdens on ERs and hospitals.


Business Entity Legislation will amend the Dental Practice Act

Business Entity Legislation will amend the Dental Practice Act to make it clear that any practice that is not owned in the majority by a Arizona licensed dentist must register with BODEX as a business entity.  Other changes will require that the name and address of the corporation owning a registered business entity must be posted at the entrance of a practice, just like private practice dentists.