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  Develop a one-on-one relationship by adopting a legislator

adopt a legislatorArizona Legislators Need Your Guidance and Expertise

The members of the Arizona State Legislature live and work in your communities.  You may have one of them as your patient.  It is also likely that you may be acquainted with them as you travel around your town or your neighborhood, or you may know them from your church, synagogue or civic clubs.  

The success of the Arizona Dental Association’s legislative initiatives depend on the one-on-one relationships that Legislators develop with our member dentists in the communities they serve.  Our staff, leadership and lobbyists can’t be everywhere—but you can be AzDA’s voice in communities throughout Arizona.

Adopting a Legislator means “checking up” at least twice a year (making sure you get in that 6 month recall visit) and making an effort to be a part of Dental Day at the Capitol on February 15.  Educate our lawmakers as you become their source on what’s important to the dental community and advancing the oral health of all Arizonans. AzDA members need to step up (yes, we mean you).  

To volunteer and adopt one, two or all three of these members of the Arizona Legislature in your District, call 480.344.5777 ext. 309.