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For a score of at least 70% (seven out of ten) you will be issued one hour of CE credit through the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA). There is a $20.00 processing fee for AzDA members and $40 for Non-members for each test submitted. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Arizona Dental Foundation. All tests will be handled confidentially. AzDA is a Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) provider conducted under the auspices of the American Dental Association. 

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  1. Dental employers are required by OSHA law to place sharps containers as close as possible to the point of use.

  2. In a dental office, an extracted tooth is considered to be a biohazard waste therefore it can be:

  3. An example of a good-quality sharps container is:

  4. Examples of dental biohazard waste sharps are:

  5. The majority of solid biohazardous waste is now treated by:

  6. The following are legal ways to dispose of your dental biohazardous waste.

  7. Additional examples of dental biohazard waste sharps are:

  8. Another good example of a sharps container is:

  9. The best way to dispose of free flowing blood in the dental setting is to:

  10. For cost savings consider the following: