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  Business Affiliates—Companies that Support Organized Dentistry

What are Business Affiliates, and why should AzDA members consider working with them?

AzDA's Business Affiliate program is designed to provide businesses a formal relationship with the Arizona Dental Association. The program requires an annual financial contribution (supporting organized dentistry in Arizona) and the assurance of the highest level of customer service to AzDA members. The Business Affiliate logo (right) is used by business affiliate partners to promote their products and services to AzDA members. The business affiliate contact listings, including website links, below are all of our proud supporters of organized dentistry in Arizona through the AzDA Business Affiliate program.

Because of their service commitment to AzDA members, financial contribution to organized dentistry, and participation/sponsorship of AzDA's events and publications, business affiliates (along with AzDA Perks Endorsed Business Partners) should always be considered when making a purchasing decision.  

What is the difference between Business Affiliates and AzDA Perks Endorsed Business Partners?


Business Affiliates commit to provide excellent service to AzDA members, and they make a yearly financial contribution of $500 to organized dentistry (and a one-time $150 application fee). In return, these companies receive discounts on marketing their business through AzDA. 

Conversely, AzDA Perks Endorsed Business Partners have achieved a higher level of engagement with AzDA than the Business Affiliates.

Perks Endorsed Business Partners make the same commitment to provide excellent service to AzDA members, and they receive discounts on marketing their business through AzDA. However, Perks Business Partners agree to offer AzDA members discounts and added perks on their products and or services. Because these companies are “officially endorsed by AzDA,” they are thoroughly checked out by volunteer dentists and AzDA management.

In order to ensure AzDA only endorses reliable, reputable companies, the process of becoming a Perks Endorsed Business Partner is extensive and meticulous. Last, Perks Business Partners agree to return a share of the sales they make to AzDA members back to the Association. In fact, they provide AzDA with periodic financial reporting. These companies are encouraged to display the Perks Business Partners logo in their marketing.

Interested in becoming a Business Affiliate?

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Note: Depending upon industry regulations concerning fee splitting, some Business Affiliates do not have the opportunity to become Perks Endorsed Business Partners.