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  For over 100 years, we've been the authoritative source for  
  professional dentistry and oral health issues in Arizona

arizona dental dayAs a constituent society of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) represents more than 70% of the practicing dentists, and is the authoritative source for professional dentistry and oral health issues in the state.  AzDA can also be a valuable conduit to the vast resources of the ADA on state legislative issues across the country.

Through its “Adopt a Legislator” program, AzDA members practicing dentistry in your district’s communities serve as your local experts on oral health issues and a resource to you when oral health issues are being considered in the Legislature.  AzDA members are well versed and educated on Arizona Dental Association initiatives, and, just like a dental recall visit, will make every effort to visit with every member of the Arizona Legislature at least twice a year.  Every February, AzDA schedules “Dental Day at the Capitol” to visit with legislators and discuss initiatives and concerns during their visit.

Through the American Dental Association, AzDA has assigned knowledgeable members to acts as “Action Team Leaders” (ATLs) for each member of the Arizona Congressional delegation.  ATLs are knowledgeable on federal issues and typically will visit with members during the ADA’s annual Washington Leadership Conference.

Legislators and their staff are also encouraged to use AzDA resources when dealing with your constituents.  These include: